This is the nicest Turbo Razor you will ever have the chance to drive or own. It was an open check book build with 3 boost levels from 200-300HP on 91 octane. It drives and sounds just like a stock engine. Original charcoal gray and black colors underneath the custom wrap. 8" over long travel suspension with the best components and King shocks. It feels exactly like a Sandrail, but lighter and faster. It is 4 wheel drive if you want it to be. Built for owners wife it has just one thousand girl driven miles on the conversion and everything is perfect! Cost of the build, $75,000.






RZR XP1000
  • Arctic Cat Z1 1100cc Turbo Conversion.
  • Hawk engineering motor swap kit.
  • ARP head studs. 
  • Full throttle 3-stage ECM with launch control.
  • XP1K gearbox full bearing install .
  • Utv inc billet motor mounts.
  • Full throttle AFPR.
  • Snow performance stg 3 water meth.
  • Bar and plate intercooler upgrade.
  • Evolution turbo blanket and header blanket. 
  • Evolution BOV.
  • Full dry sump oil system all steel braided lines.
  • Walbro 190 lph.
  • Hermitic LED headlights.
  • 32 LED LIGHT bar .
  • 10" LED reverse light bar.
  • LED under body light kit.
  • MOD squad front grill.
  • MOD squad shifter.
  • RCV 300m rear axels.
  • Summers brothers 300m front shafts.
  • Custom drive slugs. 
  • NXS billet hubs.
  • 15" method beadlocks w/ 33" BFG.
  • Oddesy 925 Battery.
  • SSV 6.5 speaker pods.
  • Alpine 400 wat AMP.
  • CNC turning brakes.
  • Infinity self powered 10" sub.
  • Bluetooth adapter.
  • Rackzilla steering rack.
  • AEM digital Gage's.
  • Dragonfire quick release steering wheel.
  • Dragonfire oh shit handle.
  • Stainless steel 2.5 exhaust.
  • Upgraded oil filter with remote oil filter.
  • STM rage 8 clutch.
  • STM secondary clutch.
  • Fluidyne radiator. 
  • HCR elite long travel +8.
  • HCR HD frame kit.
  • 2.5 King IBP Coilover front and rear w/ finned res.
  • UTV inc. swaybar.
  • TMW V4 Rollcage.
  • TMW doors.
  • TMW roof.
  • PRP GT4 Swade seats.



PRICE: $39.000